Reading a glass thermometer, also known as a mercury thermometer or alcohol thermometer, takes a bit of practice and skill, but accurate readings can make a difference in treatment decisions. Follow all manufacturer's directions for reading a glass thermometer because different models may have slightly different reading techniques. The following are general guidelines for most glass thermometers.Toshiba Ultrasound Probe  Always ensure that the temperature was obtained using proper technique. Many people mistakenly record or report the tenth of a degree as a whole degree. For example, 100.2 degrees is between 100 and 101 while 102 degrees is between 102 and 103. If improperly recorded or reported, this mistake could result in inappropriate therapy.
Properly dispose of gloves and wash hands. Record the time and temperature of the reading. If appropriate, notify a healthcare provider of the temperature. If an electronic thermometer is unavailable, a glass thermometer can often accurately check body temperature. ]Because fever is often the first sign of infection, properly reading and reporting a temperature may help to ensure that the person receives prompt and proper treatment. According to the 4/30/04 American Geriatrics Society's article by Drs.